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Healthcare providers, facilities, and organizations usually face a lot of challenges and hassles when it comes to settling their finances and billing needs to insurance payers. As a result, their divided focus will likely affect the quality of the service they offer to patients. To avoid this, medical billing providers like us render assistance to smoothly process their finances and help them get the maximum revenue for their business.

Ameristar Billing Services is based in New York and has been providing reliable assistance to healthcare facilities and organizations in the communities we serve. With the help of our medical billing experts and consultants, you can solely focus your attention on the health and wellness of your patients. Enlist our help today and let us handle the workload for you!

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  • Mission

    Meeting your billing needs is what we do best at Ameristar Billing Services. With our expertise in medical billing, we aim to make billing processing for healthcare providers more convenient and hassle-free.

  • Vision

    Our goal is to optimize the success of healthcare providers by providing superior medical billing solutions and customer service.

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